Debug Header

After watching a livestream by UnexpectedMaker struggling to put probe pins on his Stepper Motor driver connected to a Raspberry Pi, I thought a breakout header might help; so I whipped up this little board.

Debug Header

This is my 10-pin 2.54mm Debugging Header. It will work on any standard 2.54mm pin header (is reversible male/female) and makes probing of pins on a header much easier.

I will be selling these boards on Tindie for AU$5.00

As time goes on I will be producing a Raspberry Pi-compatible 2x20 debug header which will break out all 40 pins on a Raspberry Pi making debugging SPI/I2C projects etc easier.

These are Rev 1 boards so if you have any feedback on the design or suggestions for improvements, please let me know :)

Bottom Side of the header board. Note the guard traces between the pins
Each Board has an isolated ground plane with dual ground pins for better isolation and noise reduction