My Projects

Artemis 1 Countdown -
> Shows the countdown to the current Artemis mission launch.

Excellent blogs

Unsupervised Sysadmin -
> This guy is a mate of mine who  speaks fluent Windows Server, is a weird fan of PowerShell Datatables and generally a really solid and proactive tech. His first blog post is a masterclass in dogged perseverence and an interesting read. Also available here: unsupervised sysadmin (

Cloud Kid -
> This is a great blog focusing mostly on AWS and other cloud services, as well as general life and business insights.

Troy Hunt -
> Creator of 'Have I Been Pwned', this blog gives you insight into the security world as well as other general insight into life.

Adrian Cantrill -
> An AWS courseware creator and general cloud guru, his blog gives much insight into AWS specifically, as well as cryptocurrency and home automation.

Paul Daniels -
> An awesome developer and Mac repair guy from Northern Queensland. He regularly does live streams of repairs and coding on his YouTube channel. Highly recommend checking it out.

Dave Jones (EEVBlog) -
> An excellent resource for discussing electronics and design as well as keeping up to date on the latest in the industry and with EEVBlog in general.

YouTube Channels

Louis Rossmann -
> One of my most viewed YouTube channels, Louis runs a Apple device repair business in New York City. His repair videos are always excellent viewing, and his philosophy and life coaching videos are insightful and informative. Highly recommend!

Dave Jones @ EEVBlog -
> Dave's videos pulled me back into the Electronics world in 2013 after a many year absence caught up in the world of IT. His videos reminded me that Electronics design is accessible and anyone with the drive can do it. His channel is must watch viewing!

ICTFella Blog -

Useful Resources

Setting up Ghost using AWS Lightsail
A how to article on setting up Ghost using AWS Lightsail
This was immensely helpful in sorting out the limitations in Bitnami's Ghost image and handling HTTPS redirection. Legend!