Tasmota Quad Switch Breakout

The Tasmota Quad Switch Breakout is designed to make connecting a custom quad light switch to a Wemos D1 mini running Tasmota super super easy.

Tasmota Quad Switch Breakout

This board is simple. I just wanted a way to break out a WeMoS D1 module (Tasmotized) to allow it to correctly work with some switches in a 4-gang custom built switch panel, similar to the switch designed by SuperHouseTV's Jonathan Oxer.

This board allows for easy connection and disconnection of board iterations using standard 2.5mm JST headers, allows for external power connection as well as USB-C for external powering for debugging and testing.

Each switch has has hardware de-bounce added as well as 5V directly to the switch for the ring lights. The lights are also switched via a 2N3904 Transistor connected to a data line from the WeMoS. The pin supports PWM so the ring lights can be dimmed using software. The indicator lights are bound together in this design to reduce part count but later iterations will allow for individual dimming of each ring.

Raytrace Rendered output design
Schematic. It's simple and effective.
Rendered board-view